In-service Monitoring for Improved Maintenance and Management of DelDOT Bridges

The goal of this project is to continue enhancement of the Delaware Department of Transportation's (DelDOT's) bridge management efforts through the collection and utilization of in-service strain response data for bridges. This is a continuation of earlier projects which initiated the effort to collect in-service data on a series of bridges in Delaware. To date, data has been collected on twelve bridges, providing records of the stress induced in the bridges over a two week period due to site specific traffic. A procedure has been developed to calculate the "In-Service Rating Factor" (ISRF) based on in-service data. The ISRF can be calculated for any period of time, from two weeks to 75 years. For the twelve bridges monitored so far the ISRF is consistently higher than the theoretical Rating Factor (RF), which can usually be traced to the very conservative theoretical model used to calculate RF. This project will build upon the earlier projects, by collecting data on the same twelve bridges for a second time, and collecting data on six additional bridges. In addition, Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) data will be gathered from sites close to several of the monitored bridges that will provide a record of the actual heavy traffic on the bridges.