Reflective cracking in flexible pavements is a primary form of distress found in Mississippi highway pavements. To date, few if any, fail safe preventative measures to prevent this distress have been discovered. The objective of this project is to evaluate an interlayer system, DRM (Distress Resistant Membrane), as a preventative treatment for reflective cracking in HMA pavements. A seven-mile long project on MS4 near the community of Galena in Marshall County will be utilized for the evaluation. MS4 near Galena was originally constructed in 1981 and is comprised of 6" of asphalt pavement on top of a soil cement base. Reflective cracking from the soil cement base has caused the pavement condition to become unacceptable. The study will compare 3 miles of DRM with a subsequent 4" overlay to 3 miles of no DRM with a 4" overlay. A comparison will be made between the amount of reflective cracking in the new 4" overlay between the sections with and without the DRM system.